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Year Two, A Letter To TRUE YOU.


I've struggled with how I was going to share with the world how awesome you are, how much of a Godsend you were, and how much you've changed my life. After drafting, editing, and deleting about seven versions of this blog post, I've decided to do what's most comfortable -- a letter. 


Happy #HauteMamas Day

Lady, don't you know we love ya? (Dear Mama) / Sweet lady, place no one above ya (You are appreciated) 

Sweet lady, don't you know we love ya?

Motherhood is such a multifaceted role that many take for granted. It requires more than just birthing new life but a level of c...

TY Talks: GODfident STYLE

HEY STYLE STARS, Let me tell you...



The opportunity to speak before a room full of amazingly gorgeous ‪#‎StyleStars‬ about Jesus and embracing who they are "Because God Said So" was beyond anything I could have ever imagined I'd be doing. I'm far from...

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