The Return of the Hypebeast: Fast Fashion x Designer Collaborations

Some of you will recall this mini rant posted to TY's official Facebook page last week:

"Hey Style Stars!

I've got to be honest. While I was excited to see what HM x Balmain collaboration had to offer, people like THIS have ruined it for me.

The hypebeast (a person who goes to extreme measures to purchase clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others) has ruined fast fashion x designer merges.

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In some random reminiscing, I realized that the mini Facebook rant echoed past sentiments regarding the retailers collaboration with Alexander Wang -- in a less... disgruntled fashion. Ironically, that collab came nearly a year prior to the Balmain's exclusive merge and it appears this fashionista's opinions haven't changed.

You've gotta get into it!

" November 6, 2014 ( - Now…I won’t front, I’m a little upset I didn’t come up with a better game plan to cop a piece or two from the Alexander Wang for H&M collection for nostalgic fashion history purposes. Of all people, the Couture Connoisseur SHOULD have been first in line but I came up with this theory; if I’m going to drop any kinda money on my boo Alex, it will be full price or not at all. There is no doubt that I am proud of all that he has accomplished and the ties that he has created to build his brand but y’all can have the sloppy seconds, give me the 6 course gourmet meal — no shade!

CC, why are you in your bag so early in the morning?

Well it started with this…

My best friend hit me up to brag about the things he got from the collection — all shade but I love you boo! I had already decided that I didn’t want to get up and stand in line, in the RAIN for a $200 coat, $40 bra, $50 leggings, and a $150 dress FROM H&M but being in my feelings about his call, I decided just to take a peek at what was being offered on line, should I decided to betray my theory at the last minute. Upon my arrival to, I was greeted with…

Who in the world does H&M think they are? Footlocker! Champs! NiceKicks or something?

I soon came to the realization that half of the clowns clogging the site, and standing in lines don’t give two big fat juicy farts about Alexander Wang or his collaboration… FOR REAL!

At least 89.996% of the individuals in line knew of Alexander Wang until they caught wind that he was making his way to H&M — there are probably more but I won’t condemn you all. Tired and pathetic, it is.

Thinking that buying Alexander Wang from H&M will make you that much cooler or relevant leaves you sadly mistaken, my friend. I never thought I’d be this passionate about an H&M collaboration considering it is one of my favorite fast fashion retailers. However, a friend of mine warned me that this day would soon come!

It is one of the best decisions designers make when they work to find ways to expand their reach by making some of their garments more accessible for those who can’t afford top dollar merchandise, I won’t knock that. My issue is with the people who don’t purchase items with real intent, merely purchasing a pair of socks which happen to be the cheapest things in the collection *insert side eye* for the sake of having something “by ALEXANDER WANG”.


These people don’t appreciate the fact that Alexander Wang was one of the youngest designers to be recognized by the CFDA for his accomplishments in design which aided in the growth of his business back in 2007. They are more intrigued by the fact that Rihanna was spotted whining her waist in a pair of his leggings a few months back. It saddens me to know that there will be so many undeserving, unappreciative individuals walking around in “Alexander Wang”, it’s sickening.

While I love H&M, you all have ruined my day. Thanks!"

As stated in the longer rant, I will forever tip my hat to H&M and these designers for extending their reach, giving those who aspire to own runway quality garments somewhat of a chance to do so. HYPEBEASTS are who grind my gears. Those who stand in line, purchase, and post Instagram pictures with shameful filters -- all for the sake of owning something by the collaborating designer ... FOR H&M.

As it stood, so it stands -- I prefer my designer pieces sans H&M.

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