Online Shopping Is Bae!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving also known as "Black Friday Fuel Up" is about a week away! While fighting for a spot in line at your favorite stores to get first dibs on holiday essentials sounds like such an invigorating activity, online shopping is more my speed.

Apparently, YouTube beauty guru & friend in my head, Vicky Logan agrees! Utilizing her ever growing platform, Vicky gave her 200K subscribers eight helpful tips to shop online like a B-O-S-S!


No time to check the video? Don't worry -- we've got notes:

1. Google's a Go-To: (“Easiest way to find what you need”) Helps with searching for specific things, compare and contrast prices. You can even search for makeup dupes!!!

2. Amazon aka #ThePlug -- in Vicky's words: They’ve got ERYTHAAANG!!!

3-4. Know yourself x Know your wealth: (self) Its important to know your measurements, how things fit, the way certain fabrics move, etc. before purchasing #teamnoshipback || (wealth) Understand exchange policies. Fine print is a motha!

5. Couponing is LIFE: Try, Newsletter sign up;

**TRUE YOU tip** -- Google "___ coupons", being sure to fill in the blank with the retailer you're purchasing from

6. EBATES, The cashback kings: You will “make money spending money”

7. Shop Safely: Sign up for PAY PAL — they are clutch when it comes to credit card safety

8. Travel: Buy tickets on Mondays & Tuesdays — Expedia (THEY ARE ON EBATES TOO); travel protection is bae!

To catch more of Vicky's helpful tips, tutorials, and hilarious vlogs -- be sure to follow her on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter!

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