Eat, Drink & Dress Fabulously: 6 Thanksgiving-friendly Looks You'll Love!

The countdown is ON, style stars!

We're less than a week away from Thanksgiving and there's 37 frickin' days till Christmas -- someone needs to inform me where the time's gone... like, for real!

Thinking about all that these family-oriented holidays offer -- hugs from grandma and that occasional hundred dollar bill slid into your pocket; auntie's award winning mac & cheese, often followed by her argument with Uncle Jay about "who's mama's favorite"; and cousin Patty's sweet potato pie (NOT to be confused with Patti LaBelle's pie that happens to be just as delicious -- but don't tell cousin P!)

You've gotta admit there's NOTHING like spending time with family during the holidays...

... Unless you're like me, finding that carefully selecting the perfect holiday 'fit is just as exciting!

Considering Thanksgiving is the first on the calendar, in TRUE YOU fashion (no pun intended), I've hooked up six Thanksgiving-friendly looks that are perfect, no matter the dinner/party setting.

You'll definitely want to check these out -- keep scrollin'!

1) Dinner at Nana's - You've waited all year for Nana's good ole collard greens, stuffing, and candied yams but you also want to make sure that you make the right impression the entire evening.


Well, after dinner with Nana and the crew, you plan on stopping by to meet your significant other's family. If you're gonna kill two birds with one stone, you've gotta do it in style!

"Hers" features Romwe tunic, McQueen pants and Calvin Klein boots; "His" features Gant pants, Uniqlo top, The Tie Bar knit tie and Stan Smith sneakers

2) Home Away From Home -Whether your family is anti - "making impressions" during Thanksgiving dinner unless it's food related or you're spending your holiday with the homies, you still want to look fly... right?!

Throw on a pair of jeans or joggers, a comfy pair of shoes and a nice top like these two! You can't go wrong, TRUST ME.

"Hers" features a Victoria Beckham top and Cole Haan loafers; "His" features Coogles kicks and a Gant bomber jacket

3) The Uppercrust Feast - Every now and then someone will invite you to a Thanksgiving dinner that will expect you to be dressed as beautifully as the table's spread.

Putting a modern/youthful spin on a formal holiday dinner look, you instantly add a bit of texture, color, dimension!

"Hers" features an Opening Ceremony dress and Steve Madden pumps;"His" features a Wooster + Lardini blazer and Stafford Broadcloth dress shirt

So tell me, which is your favorite Thanksgiving look?!

I'd love to hear from you -- share your fave in the comments or via the social media links below!

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