THANK YOU AMAs 2015 - I'm Adding New Besties to My List!

In my mind I have this little list of celeb besties that I absolutely adore. They are confident, kind, fun-loving and uber stylish people that add great value to our ficticious friendship.

I tend to keep my circle of friends (real and "in my head") rather small understanding that it isn't wise to base one's 'friendship potential' on their outward appearance; however, after last night's showing of the American Music Awards, these SLAYIN' prospects are at the top of my New Bestie draft list.

Get into this FAB line-up -

#1 PICK - Jennifer Lopez aka J. Lo aka Jenny from the Block aka Queen of the Boogie Down Bronx: This chick hosted the annual awards show and from beginning to end, snatched all edges. Opening the show with a murderous choreography-based performance of today's top hit's, there was never a dull moment, leaving many audience memebers edgeless!

Can we get into all 10 of her wardrobe changes?! WERE THEY NOT EVERYTHING!!!!!

**NEWS FLASH** Ms. Lopez at 46 years old ladies and gents

--- Go Best Friend, That's My Best Friend!

#2 Zendaya - She will FOREVER be my bestie. Although this frothy, floral look didn't tickle everyone's fancy -- it's so her!

Super girlie, super chic & them legs, honey!!!!!!!!

#3 Fifth Harmony - These girls are everything!!! Individually or together these ladies are consistent in their ability to completely slay. While I love them all, Lauren & Normani (far left and middle, respectively) owned this photo!

The wardrobe consultant in me wants to re-work Allie & Dinah's looks, better yet read their stylists for filth! Neither of their dresses really complimented them as they deserved. Nonetheless these girls are bae.

#4 Selena Gomez - She's my new bestie for this reason right here. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

#5 JACK BARAN - I have absolutely no clue who this kid is but he looks so cool. So chic, so hip, so european, so BOMB!

My bestie for sure.

#6 Demi Lovato - Many had negative things to say about Demi's look but she killed it! She served 1930 glam with this textured gown, hair & sultry makeup.

I loved it! Go Best Friend!

#7 Tyga - I'm actually proud of this dude. He should consider dressing up more often because he looks amazing. Perhaps as my new bestie, he'll be willing to do so.

#8 Kendall & Kylie Jenner - I know what you're thinking. These two kinda get on my nerves too but it's more so by default for me... thanks Kim & Kris!

That aside, I really enjoyed their twinning moment on the carpet. While I prefered Kendall's look to Kylie's, they both still kicked butt.

#9 Nina Dobrev - A bit Dynasty plus a dash of CMA's, mixed with a heaping helping of glamour; there is something that I really like about this look. It's definitely not conventional but it get's a yes from me.

#10 Luke Bryan - I know the face & name but couldn't recite a song from him if I was being paid. That, however, does not change how I feel about his red carpet look.

This is a look I'd suggest to my guy ... once he finds me HAHA!

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