It seems so very cliché to wait until Thanksgiving to share what you're most thankful for but with the year coming to a close, you can't help but to dwell on God's love and goodness towards us.

While 2015 was a somewhat uncomfortable year, it was jam-packed with lessons, opportunities to grow, unexpected blessings, and an amazing support system to help pull me through. For that I am so grateful! For life, health, love... I am so very blessed.

I am thankful for the vision, provision, and promise God has made over my little ol' life and for the beautiful story being written. For friends, for family, for my baby TRUE YOU & the awesome followers and clients... my gratitude runs over.

As you stuff your face with your favorite dishes today, please take a moment to thank the Lord for everything He's done for you and yours this year. There are so many people spending this holiday without loved ones, without a warm place to call home, without a meal to enjoy --- it could have been any one of us!

Don't let today be the only day you give thanks; in all you do acknowledge the many blessings you've been given each and every day.

Make thankfulness consistent, not conditional!



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