When Life Hands You Lemons, Make ... LIPSTICK!

Noticing that beauty gurus and cosmetic companies attempted to recreate her personal lipstick collection even popularizing the "overlining lip trend" to mimic the youngest Jenner's juiced up shape; this girl figured she'd create her own line of products to give fans the perfect "Kylie lip" they'd been attempting.

Instead of allowing other companies benefit from her popularity, why not offer the 'goods' from the source itself?!

After spending two years formulating, testing and perfecting her collection, Kylie Jenner released the Lip Kit By Kylie which features three liquid lipsticks and corresponding liners. Only hitting the net yesterday, within minutes the entire collection was SOLD OUT -- thus proving, Kylie and her team's ingenuity!

I don't care what anyone says, Kylie Jenner has officially won with this one!

Now, before you chastise that statement, let me be very clear. There's a large majority of Jenner-Kardashian-West family shenanigans that I do NOT agree with -- including Kylie's decision to add temporary fillers to her lips; however I cannot knock this chick's hustle.

Despite social media's year long shade throwing antics regarding Kylie's physical changes, she took that negative energy and turned it into something she could profit from. As my grandmother would say, she took the lemons thrown her way and turned them into high quality organic, cold-pressed lemonade, honey!

There is no doubt that Kylie's image is not one worth suggesting as a role model for our beautiful babies but how can you knock her determination to take what people ridiculed her for and build a business from it? Call me crazy but that principle is something worth delving into.

Now, if she were out here offering lip plumping products or opening a plastic surgery clinic of sorts, I'd have a few choice words for her stupidity; however, in true mogul fashion, she found a need within a niché market and is capitalizing on it.


*insert applause*

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