Guess Who's Back & BARE'N ALL MELANIN!

What's up Style Stars --

I feel like I haven't seen you all since 2015!

Like we shared on our Facebook page, this NEW YEAR has

so many great things in store that we can't wait to share...

why not get started now?!

xo, C.


What do you get when you combine a room full of stunning individuals -- inside and out; amazing food, conversation and most of all, style on TEN THOUSAND?! The atmosphere inside of YayorNayyy x Bare. All. Melanin's #BAMDCBRUNCH, that's what!

The beauty that radiated throughout the room left everyone in such an amazing mood, it was hard to keep from having a good time -- especially with a belly full of french toast and mimosas!

Not only did TRUE YOU get to join in on all the fun that was #BAMDCBRUNCH, you might recall that we were also given the opportunity to serve as one of the event's many sponsors, which all happened to be black-owned businesses; offering goodies and giveaways to the event's guests.

While my job was to scope out my favorite looks that showed up and showed out on Saturday afternoon, I couldn't help but let out a few "YAAAAASSS" & "WERRRRRKKK", admiring everyone's individual way of expressing themselves through their wardrobe.

Our motto is "In all that YOU do, be TRUE!" and that's exactly what these beautiful bearers of melanin did. In their unique style star power, confidence, inner and outer beauty; they remained TRUE to themselves -- THAT deserves an #OfficialStyleStar stamp of approval in my book!

Get into their looks:

Despite how difficult it was going to be, I still had to pick two winners for TRUE YOU's very special giveaways. Thankfully we had some parameters to go by -- the DARE TO BARE criteria:

Dare to Bare is a personal expression of style that reflects one's acceptance and appreciation of their melaninated skin.

To ‘Dare to Bare’ one must exude self-confidence, finesse the art of unique pieces, own their crowning glory, and master the BAM glow.

** Self-confidence - Radiates in fearlessness and self love

** Finesses the art of unique pieces - Incorporates one-of-a-kind pieces into wardrobe

** Owns their Crowning Glory - Your hair is an extension of YOU!

** BAM Glow - Total ‘Dare to Bare’ package. Inner glow compliments your look from hair to toe.

Having surveyed the room, the host and good girlfriend of mine, YayorNayyy helped me pick Jennifer and Neil as the winners of a 20% off TRUE Beauty session and a FREE 2-hour Closet Confidential, respectively. Not only were their looks absolutely fab, they nailed each element of the DARE TO BARE criteria perfectly!

On behalf of TRUE YOU - Wardrobe Consulting and Personal Styling, I want to salute Janáy aka YayorNayyy for her brilliance, drive and all around #blackgirlmagic. Without such an event, we wouldn't have been able to continue to expand our reach, share our platform and meet other beautiful black excellent beings. You're a visionary, chica!

Be sure to take a minute to check out what other amazing MELANIN-filled things went down at #BAMDCBRUNCH by visiting ... NOW!

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