INSPIRED STYLE: Winning Winter Wardrobe

Like me, you're probably completely OVER snow, ice, salt, and anything that looks, feels, or sounds like the three.

In an attempt to lift your spirits as you prepare to return to work -- though some already have -- here are a few inspired ways to achieve a winning wardrobe this treacherous Winter.

THE DIVA (above): Winter weather can leaving you feeling drab, neglecting how chic you truly are. Though the winds may blow, try a paring like this to reignite your flame. It's not a look for the faint of heart but it's certain to turn heads!

THE HIPSTER (above): The #majorkey in this look is LAYERING! It truly does the body good. Not only does it aid in conducting heat, it also can give a look a bit of added dimension.

THE SOPHISTICATE (above): This look is both sophisticated and on trend -- the level of class, combined with the looks modern appeal is spot on. While this look isn't as daring as 'THE DIVA', it does take a bit of a risk in the outerwear department. If you aren't afraid to bare arms, gaining inspiration from this look may be right up your alley!

Tell me, which look could you see yourself recreating this Winter?

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