#ClientDiaries: "FEELIN LIKE BEYONCÉ!"

Meet Victoria -- this Style Star called on TRUE YOU to come through in the clutch and we couldn't resist, especially after finding out about the super sweet occasion!

She explained a couple weeks back that she was hosting a surprise going-away dinner with family and friends for her beau and was in desperate need of a dress! We stepped in and helped her find this super cute 'Full Flare Cut Out Midi Dress' from A'Gaci (THAT CAME IN UNDER BUDGET!!!) -- which she paired with accessories & shoes from her own closet!

With tons of planning for the evening on her plate, she'd completely forgot to consult us about a TRUE BEAUTY: Makeup Session ...until the morning of the big day!! Understanding the importance of a good beat, we couldn't send her to celebrate without the signature TRUE touch!

Besides, that's what we professionals do, honey! Pressure makes diamonds and by the look of it Vicki's highlight and smokey eye sparkles were shining as bright as the precious stone!

Vicki was one of my favorite faces and clients to work with overall. She'd already exuded so much beauty and sass that our work just turned everything up a notch.

It's safe to say, we've added yet another #TRUEYOUchick to the squad!

Check out Vicki's version (aka review) of how the session went over at our 'Style Stories' corner -- it'll explain more about the post's title!

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