#ClientDiaries - "My Mind Is BLOWN!"

Okay, so you all remember when we joined in as a sponsor for our good girlfriend, Janáy's Bare.All.Melanin #BAMBrunch series, right?


Then you'll also recall that I talked about how she and I selected these two uber fabulous ladies to receive personalized TRUE YOU gift certificates and couldn't wait to work with them. Weeeeeell, this past weekend I met with one of those gorgeous ladies for her Closet Confidential session that was COMPLETELY on the house!

I often say this about all of my clients -- because it's true -- but this time, it holds extra special weight; Miss Neil was one of THE most amazing clients to date!

I tell you what, God does some UNBELIEVABLE things when you trust Him! She was an angel sent to remind me that my work, dreams and passions are not in vain -- all without saying a word of it. This chick was so dope!

Laughing about practically everything and sharing personal yet empowering bits of our individual life stories sums up how the session began, so you can only imagine how it continued.

In the way that only TRUE YOU can, we opened her eyes to a whole new world within her current wardrobe. Like many of our previous clients, Neil found herself wearing the same thing, that while 'do-able' became repetitive.

With the help of our Guide to Great Style, this busy mom, who was NOT afraid of change, let us have some fun. We had so much fun that this chick's mind was 'BLOWN!' (her words lol)

Neil was such a blast. Her spirit and openness are unmatched; oh and that fearlessness of hers (after I had to kinda coax some of it out) is on fire!

She, too, has become an official #TRUEYOUChick!

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