Every Great Girl Group Has A 'Beyoncé', We Have A 'Beverly'!

Some pray that Destiny's Child reunite, others hope for the resurgence of The Spice Girls or EnVogue -- I say, NO ONE compares to a real-life girl group, who can turn on the #BLACKGIRLMAGIC without a cue or countdown!

Since the release of the 'TRENDING IN' style video, the mastermind behind Kea Dupree Photography, Kea Dupree Alfred had subtly been pushing for us to get back in the lab, considering the magic that was our first sesh.

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It took almost no time for a session to fall within her radar; as promised, she made it her duty to ensure that TRUE YOU was mentioned to her client when it came down to booking makeup and styling for the shoot. Now, Imma keep it a hunnit; considering the intricate amount of Facebook stalking and YouTube watching I'd done on this client, I was convinced that I wasn't going to get the job because she was pretty much a celebrity. I'd talked myself into believing she had a team that she calls on for things like this and she'd have no need for me or my little start-up!

[It's crazy how easy it is to get in your own way; neglecting what we know to be true,

failing to walk in the power God's given.]

Well that attitude of defeat didn't last long. I was quickly reminded that the devil is a LIAR and his breath stinks because low and behold, who gets a text message from Ms. Beverly Gooden herself? ME -- to inquire about the TRUE Beauty: Makeup Experience!!!! Bev (I can call her that cuz we're besties now, hahaha!) is best known for her creation of the social media movement that rocked the internet in the wake of the Ray Rice elevator assault against wife Janay, #WhyIStayed. Her story is absolutely incredible and the array of platforms that she's spoken on are worth the applause. Knowing that she trusted TRUE YOU -- even in the least bit -- to beat her mug meant the world to me. Kea's the real MVP for that endorsement!

I didn't know what to expect when she walked into the studio. However, one thing I'm now certain of is that the Lord hears me when I pray because He showed up and showed out!! Without entering a full blown ramble, I'll just say the shoot went down without a hitch. He made everything so effortless, it was borderline unbelievable! Bev's face was BEAT, wardrobe on POINT (shout out to TRUE YOU) & these photos, KEAAAAAA -- AFRICKINMAZIN'!!!

Beverly was an absolute angel -- Her kindness, courage, strength , positivity and beauty radiated throughout the space and even more through Kea's lens.

Before I let you all get into these photos, I must thank both Kea and Beverly for giving TRUE YOU the opportunity to work with two phenomenal black girls who ROCK! Little do they know, they've inspired me, given me confidence and further confirmed that I was made for this. I am grateful that I can call these two 'friend'.

✨These ladies are official ‪#‎trueyouchicks for sure✨

Every great girl group has a 'Beyoncé', we have a 'Beverly'! -- Check out her stunning photos:

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