So Not Fashion Related: What The Enemy Meant For Evil...

Since the announcement of Tamar Braxton being fired from the daytime talk show, The Real, many have been racking their brains trying to determine what in all the world could have possibly lead to this decision. Taking any and every potential reason into account, we were still left with nothing but a merry-go-round full of he said/she said, cryptic social media posts and as it appears, bold faced lies.

Quieting the media's noise, Tamar went on The Steve Harvey Morning Show to break it down for those truly perplexed by the news of her departure from the afternoon hit. In the interview, she explained that her release was in fact a complete blindside as her husband Vince's call to the producers to discuss the ladies upcoming stint at the Essence Music Festival turned into a major blow that went a little something like -- "We're not going to have her back on the panel." Within minutes, Tamar went from having an amazing job on an Emmy Award winning talk show to being left high & dry. Now we all know this chick is about "her coin, honey" and that wasn't the only thing she had going for herself. However, it went without question that this was something she loved, cherished and went HARD for which made sympathizing with her all the more understandable.

Hearing Tamar discuss her disappointment and confusion with Steve took me to a very familiar place. So much so that it caused me to reflect on my personal career journey and the almost parallel themes -- working hard for something that I love, believing that THAT THING was for me, making sacrifices and planning life around it only to be told "Thanks for your time", "We're going to move forward in our search", "We're going in a different direction", or merely receiving no response. I think any and everyone will agree that hardest thing to do is to hear the word "No" no matter the form it is presented in. Feeling rejected, subpar, unworthy are all emotions that tend to follow and quite frankly are valid.

The real challenge is moving forward despite the disappointing response. It's dusting yourself off and using the "No" as fuel to continue to press towards your dreams. The real challenge is recognizing that God is no stranger to any of this, in fact it was something He allowed to happen; which is not to be confused with "made it happen". It is not in His plan or character to disappoint us or leave us high and dry without offering us better. No's are often God's way of reminding us that either the timing for a particular thing has yet to come or that He, in fact, has something so much better for us.

That indeed holds true and is a proven fact, circling back to Tamar's story. During her chat with Steve Harvey, it was later announced that she would be afforded the opportunity to have her very own talk show under the umbrella of Steve's production company, 112th Street Productions!

If I'd never seen a clear representation of Genesis 50:20 - As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. -- I'd begin to believe that this was it!

No, we'll never know exactly what went down, as there are multiple sides to every story but based on what we do know, it goes without saying that the very thing that could have left Tamar broken, depressed, distrusting, and fragile, was utilized to push her into something bigger than she could have ever imagined for herself -- a TRUE God work!

Stories like this not only motivate me to keep pushing, keep grinding, keep believing in the success of my business and future but it does my heart so good to know that even in this seemingly "celebrity driven" situation ALL WILL SEE HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD, ALL WILL KNOW THE MIGHTY POWER OF HIS HAND.

Congratulations Tamar!

God's got you girl, keep doing what you know is right & He is sure to direct your path.

Oh & best believe He's no respecter of person. He's working things out for YOU too style stars. Don't let "No's" disable and intimidate you! God, YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL My future is looking so good!

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