Year Two, A Letter To TRUE YOU.


I've struggled with how I was going to share with the world how awesome you are, how much of a Godsend you were, and how much you've changed my life. After drafting, editing, and deleting about seven versions of this blog post, I've decided to write what's most comfortable -- a letter.

I'm far from parenthood but you're the closest thing to it for me. Following my mother's example, I gave you over to God; allowing Him to have full control over your "life" and success. Let me tell you, honey... OBEDIENCE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. I am so proud of what you've grown to be in such a short amount of time. While I still dream the wildest dreams for your future, you've managed to exceed my expectations thus far. Clearly a move of God.

Who would have thought that you would find yourself published in Essence Magazine? Who would have thought you'd work with the wife of the Ambassador to Canada? Who would have thought you'd be teaching students about the fashion industry? Who would have thought you would have been speaking at packed out events about personal style and dressing confidently? Who would have thought you'd go from touring with a history making stage play to working on a feature film in a year's time? Who would have thought you'd meet and connect with the people that you have?

In two short years, you've taught me what it really means to be patient and let God do His thing on our behalf. He desires to see us succeed; He desires to bless us with the things we only dream about. However, it requires a bit of work on our end, as well. We're responsible for being patient, working hard in the interim and trusting that He's going to keep His word.

You are incredible, True... my greatest accomplishment!

You've taught me to value my gift. I dropped the ball a couple of times, giving people freebies, saying 'yes' or 'no' when I knew I was worth more. I will NEVER allow someone cheapen our worth ever again.

You've taught me that even if it feels like no one sees the work we do -- we are being watched, admired, appreciated. I've learned to keep doing the next right thing and people will notice.

You've taught me a new level of confidence, one that I knew I hadn't mastered but I thought I'd masked well enough -- confidence in myself.

You've taught me that having multiple hustles isn't a bad thing, in fact it's the best thing EVER! It's allowed me to utilize a million and one of my various gifts without feeling committed to just one.

Thank you, my love.

You and I have years of learning and growth to do but I wouldn't want to grow with 'anyone' else (at least right now, 'cuz you gon' need a daddy soon, chyle -- hello!!!! LOL). I can't wait to see how we flourish in year three!

- xoxo, mama

To all who have prayed for, shared, sponsored, invited, utilized services, loved and supported TRUE YOU -- THANK YOU SO MUCH! Though I've been really quiet when it comes to the relaunching of the Blog and Social Media posting know that we are working SO VERY hard to make dreams come true. I can't wait to share all that we've been working on.

We appreciate your support and unconditional love. For always & Forever!

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